A Hands-On Approach to Healing

The vision of Taylor Physical Therapy and Sports Health is to be the most dynamic rehabilitation and sports health company, creating predictable and reliable patient outcomes essential to a better, safer and healthier life for all individuals. If you are interested in volunteering or interning and help us make this vision a reality, see below for more information.

Collectively, the employees of Taylor Physical Therapy and Sports Health have extensive years of experience in orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, and athletic training. It is the desire of our facility to contribute to the physical therapy, occupational therapy and athletic training educational systems by sharing this experience with students in these fields. Taylor Physical Therapy and Sports Health strives to employ the highest caliber, most dedicated professionals who will serve as exceptional role models for aspiring health care professionals.

All employees involved in student education programs are strongly encouraged to seek continued professional development, to participate in company-wide development and improvement of student education programs, and to stay abreast of contemporary issues in the education field.

Students learning under the leadership of our professionals will gain insight and exposure to all aspects of outpatient physical/occupational therapy care including, but not limited to the following:

  1. The mission statement proclaiming our commitment to delivering quality, compassionate patient care, and to living by a philosophy of honesty, integrity, and universal love for people and the world.
  2. Federal and state rules and regulations pertaining to outpatient physical therapy services with emphasis on compliance to Medicare, Civil Rights, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.
  3. Administration of out-patient physical/occupational therapy services including scheduling patients, note writing/documentation, insurance coverage, billing procedures, and communication with other health care professionals to provide optimal patient care.
  4. Patient evaluation skills with an emphasis on orthopedic evaluations, development and progression of patient treatment programs, and discharge planning.
  5. The practical use of a large variety of physical/occupational therapy modalities and procedures, therapeutic exercises, and exercise and testing equipment.
  6. Professional staff interaction and in-service training which includes the presentation of an educational in-service by the student to the Taylor Physical Therapy and Sports Health staff.
  7. Possible observation of the following: orthopedic surgery, sports performance training with amateur and/or professional athletes, on-the-field athletic training coverage, and quality assurance programs.


Physical Therapy Students interested in our clinical rotation program, please have your Physical Therapy school student internship program director call us at 216.505.8500 or write to [email protected]

Taylor Physical Therapy and Sports Health is committed to providing volunteer and observation opportunities for interested individuals. Whether these individuals are interested in business, the medical field, the world of outpatient physical/occupational therapy, or just wanting to volunteer their services and share their talents, we welcome them. It is our desire to serve and teach all whom we encounter, so we aim to share our daily work experiences and knowledge with volunteers and observers. They will be exposed to and gain an appreciation of professional and ethical behavior as well as our unique approach to patient care unmatched by any other organization.

Expectations of volunteers and observers are no different than that expected of Taylor Physical Therapy and Sports Health staff relative to punctuality, neatness and pride in personal appearance, an altruistic approach to patient care, appropriate and professional interaction with everyone they encounter, and cooperative and constructive interaction with peers. We aim for these individuals to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm in people and the tasks at hand. They are expected to function under the supervision of a qualified staff member and to abide by the company policies and procedures at all times. They will understand that they are not to participate in any patient’s care. Formalized orientation will occur and paperwork will be completed to demonstrate the interns, volunteers and/or observers’ agreement to this policy and any other associated requirements. If you interested in volunteering or observing, please contact us at [email protected]